Swoop Away is an Australian designed brim specifically for use with bicycle & activity helmets.

It protects & shields against swooping bird attacks & the harsh Australian sun.

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Don’t get freaked out and panic next time a magpie attacks 

Every year thousands of people are swooped, especially cyclists, and the results can be traumatic, ranging from irreparable ego damage to significant injury due to panicked moves and falls or malicious pecking around the face.

Stop dangerous, panicked, out of control dashes to get away; now you can just let them swoop away as you go about enjoying your day.

I’ve been using the Swoop Away brim since 2010 and not only during the swooping season. During that time I have had many inquiries from other cyclists about where they can get one, so I finally decided to do something about it, I had the design properly drawn up and and the finish product professionally made and so the Swoop Away was born.

I know it will bring back joy and peace of mind to riding during the notorious Aussie magpie swooping season. Here’s a tip, because it’s so light and easy to fold away, keep one handy for when the sun is really strong. It’s been great sun protection for me.



Try to find a brim designed to fully encircle a helmet, it is almost impossible.  The simple way the Swoop Away attaches turns your helmet into a wide brimmed hat, giving increased sun protection for your face and neck.

How to

Fits most bicycle and activity helmets

Due to the Swoop Away’s simple design it is adaptable for multiple types & styles of outdoor activity helmets – Bicycle, skate, equestrian, climbing, kayaking

Important to understand

 The Swoop Away will NOT stop an attack. It has been designed to give protection and peace of mind if an attack occurs.


If at ANY time you feel that the Swoop Away has not worked to your expectations please contact us for a full refund*

* See Returns Policy in Terms & Conditions