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We know that you have a great experience while using the Swoop Away.

Here’s what some fellow Swoopies had to say:

* “Great and simple idea. Does the trick for angry magpies and works great as a sunshade” – Mick Roworth – Helensvale QLD

* “Great idea!!  Like you, maggies FREAK ME OUT!! Not anymore. Nice one!!” – Dave – Rydalmere NSW

* “My children would not ride to school during the swooping season, now they have the confidence that they’ll be fine.” – Marcus Newton – West End QLD

* “Nice, easy and non invasive way to deal with the swooping magpie problem. They can’t help the urge and getting tough or angry with them doesn’t help    so just let them swoop away. A win win scenario for both parties” – Sue Stanwell – Red Hill ACT

* “Can’t thank you guys enough there’s one magpie in my street and just knowing he’s there stops me from riding. Really happy with the results” – Brett – Emerald QLD

* “Because it’s so light and easy to fold away I usually take it with me, it comes in very handy when the sun gets too strong” – Adam – Coolum Beach QLD

* “Yaaayyyyyy no more fear from magpies!!!” – Annabelle – Fitzroy VIC

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Another happy Swoopaway user!

"Love this, it does an excellent job of keeping the damn magpies away from my ears!"
“Love this, it does an excellent job of keeping the damn magpies away from my ears!”

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